TDS Tarp Deployment System


With the increasing challenge for landfill managers to control cost and extend the life of their landfills, finding a cost effective daily cover solution is a must.

Our patented alternative daily covering system is one of the most cost effective, safe, time saving and environmentally friendly solutions available on the market. Unlike other solutions that require the waste be covered by at least 6 inches of soil, our tarp deployment system allows you to cover and uncover your working face with easy-to-lay, EPA-approved tarps that control odor, vectors and litter, and at the same time saving landfill space that would normally be consumed by non-reusable soil.

TDS Demonstration Video

TDS Set-Up and Maintenance


Our tarp deployment system will extend the life of your landfill and save thousands of dollars in labor and material expenses. No added material consumes the landfill airspace when you use tarps for daily cover. You are managing your airspace 100% by using our TDS tarp deployment system. Labor costs are reduced considerably with this one man operation that can lay up to 12,000 square feet (1,114.8m2) of tarp in less than 15 minutes by remote control from inside the existing landfill equipment.

If you buy a 40 foot (12.2m) tarp you should expect to lay out 40 feet (12.2m) of tarp. Without the tarpLOX we had to add another tarp to get the same coverage. We tried everything to make the old tarp work - sewing the ends of the sleeves, taping up the ends of the cables, nothing worked until tarpLOX. I wish you would have come up with this a long time ago. You would have saved us a lot of time and heartache."

Kevin Miller, Site Manager

Hamm Landfill, Perry, KS

ADC Tarps with patented tarpLOX Structural Support System for Automated Tarping Machine Tarps

  • Save airspace
  • Protect your investment
  • Maximize tarp coverage
  • Minimize installation time
  • Improve performance in wind
  • High quality fabrics and construction
  • Patented technology

Demonstration video - The performance speaks for itself

Introducing the tarpARMOR line of premium landfill Alternative Daily Cover tarps. tarpARMOR tarps save valuable airspace and provide the most economical form of daily cover for landfills. Daily cover is designed to: reduce the amount of trash that can blow away, reduce the risk of disease (birds, animals and insects feeding on waste), reduce odors, reduce the chance of fire. Standard sizes are 50x50 (15.2m x 15.2m) (48x50 finished) (14.6m x 15.2m finished) and 100x100 (30.5m x 30.5m) (96x100 finished) (29.3m x30.5m finished) Light enough to be spread by manpower or existing equipment. Call for custom sizes and materials.

We manufacture the highest quality and performance premium replacement tarps for automated tarping machine (ATM) systems, such as our TDS Tarp Deployment System, with exclusive tarpLOX structural support system.

  • Sturdy polypropylene material in 9.4osy (318.8gsm) and 12osy (406gsm)
  • Special material weights are available, as well as FR and Water Resistant material
  • Tarps can be deployed by manpower, existing equipment, spreader bar or Automated Tarping Machine
  • Custom sizes and designs available - let us help you engineer your optimum tarp solution
  • Heavy duty seat belt webbing or cargo strapping reinforcement options
  • Reinforced corner options
  • Heavy duty pull straps and D-ring options
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Tarp Removal Part 2
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